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Oakley custom bob head display

Oakley sunglasses custom bob head display model

Bob was made for display purposes but also as part of the technology demos that were common at the time and initial design.

A version of Bob had laser pointers for eyes which would be set to a fixed position at a distance and various brands of glasses would be placed on Bob‘s face and you would have a visual test of optical distortion and prismatic imbalance.

Bob‘s measurements are the average dimensions taken of athletes used to create the standard for Oakley XYZ optics. Jim while designing the various glasses pre-cad, would use a head mold. This is an aesthetic version.

At the time- Oakley design director Colin Baden along with Jim had this dystopian design astethic that was a blend of various backgrounds from Blade Runner to Apple‘s 1984 Machintosh, add wrapped in various military gear design attributes from many countries. You can still find Colin talking about architecture and Oakley design on various streaming platforms.

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